Hi I am Jennifer, and like many women on earth I believe on Zodiac signs. These days I have seen many people making fun of women having such interests but I have my own choice to live. I also must mention here that there are some proven facts which has forced me to believe on the zodiac sign theories. However, in my opinion (which maybe wrong) the zodiac signs have much more impact on human relationships than any other thing in the World. This is also a proven fact. I have seen couples breaking up just because their zodiac signs do not match.
I have done some research work on zodiac relationships and collected some facts on this personal blog. The aim of this blog is just to show you the compiled work. You may or may not have seen these things before as they are not my own creations. However, some of the ideas on this blog can be deducted from the past experiences. So if you like readin my posts, you can always follow me on twitter which is
Thanks for reading.

Jennifer Rice


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